1. Which is the maximum size of a Basmat mat?
There is not a maximum size, taking into account that we can always divide Basmat in smaller parts.
If we are talking about the maximum size for a single unit, the maximum width is 6 metres, without limits in the walking direction. In this case it can be difficult to find a haulier that admits 6 m long packages.

2. Is difficult to assembly Basmat?
All models are simple to install, especially Atenea, Hermes, Apolo, Artemis and Cronos, if they have a regular shape. In the case of curved or irregular shapes, it is necessary to have special tools to cut the profiles.

3. Can a single person install a Basmat mat?
Yes, he can, if the mat has a width smaller than 2 metres. Otherwise, more people may be needed.

4. Where must the foam be stuck to? to the floor?
No, the function of the foam is to fix the profiles avoiding their longitudinal movement. That is why the foam strips must have the adhesive face upwards, in contact with the aluminium profiles.

5. Can I install Basmat on a surface, without a mat well?
Yes, you can. For this case the most suitable model is Atenea+Ramps.

6. Do you have a model with less aluminium shown?
Yes, you can choose Basmat Zeus, the model without grooves between the profiles. Artemis and Cronos can be also a good option because the profiles and the carpet strips are wider.

7. I installed a Zeus mat, and the textile strips have been moved. How can I fix it?
Basmat assembly instructions indicate that a line of adhesive must be added between the finish strip and the profile. You can replace the whole strip, sticking it with adhesive, or using only a small piece to cover the aluminium.

8. I would like to frame the mat, is it possible?
Yes it is. The initial and final profiles have a wing that must be placed on the floor. To complete the frame it is necessary to purchase the side framing profiles and the corner pieces.

9. My mat is installed outdoors, how can I prevent it from being stolen? 
Basmat can be screwed to the floor to secure it.

10. I want to install Basmat on a laminated or hardwood floor, which model would you recommend?
Basmat Atenea is especially designed to be installed recessed in laminated or hardwood floors, without building work.

11. I want to install Basmat outside, which model would you recommend?
You can choose the model you want. If the mat is not protected we recommend the rubber / plastic or brushes finish. If the mat is partially protected you can also choose the textile finish.

12. Can I combine several finishes in a mat?
Yes, you can combine 2 or 3 finishes in a mat.

13. Before, I bought an aluminium mat whose steel wires broke, will the same thing occur with Basmat?
No, the Basmat structure is 100% aluminium, without cables or elements that could weaken the structure.

14. The Basmat mat is very heavy, why?
Basmat structure is made of 100% high resistance aluminium.

15. Which model is more resistant?
The resistance of all models are similar.


1. Is possible to change the strips of textile fiber, plastic or brushes? 
Yes, it is. It is as simple as taking out the damaged strips and replacing them, adding a line of adhesive to stick it to the profile.

2. How can I clean Basmat?
Basmat can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In the case of staining, you can use current cleaning products.

3. Is necessary to lift the mat to clean it?
It is not necessary, taking into account that the dirt is trapped in the aluminium grooves.



1. Which is Basmat’s delivery period?
Our period between the order and the shipping date is only 7 working days.

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