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WARNING: In each profile, only one of the strips is inserted. After finishing the assembly process, retire
the protective paper, insert the strips and cut the spare parts.

The surface where Basmat is going to be installed must be flat and uniform. Optionally, you can use self-levelling compound to flatten it. Place the self-adhesive black foam strips paralelly to each other (5 strips per metre) with the adhesive part facing upwards. Peel off the protective paper a few centimeters. The exterior foam strips must be at a distance of 2-5 cm from the edge. Install first the profile with the Basmat label. The profile with the Basmat mark is the last one to be installed.
Continue the process until the last profile and adjust Basmat in the mat well. Insert the foam tubes under the initial and final wings. Fix Basmat to the floor with adhesive or silicone. If desired, Basmat can be screwed to the floor (see Optional section). Retire the protective paper from the profiles, insert the carpet strips and cut the spare parts with a cutter.
Optional: Retire partially or slide the finish strips. Drill the initial and ending profile. Optional: Screw Basmat to the floor. Stick the finish strips to the aluminium profiles.

- The profiles must be clean in order to be assembled properly.
- It could be necessary more than a person to install big size doormats (approx 1 person each 1,5 m profile length).

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