The secret of Basmat

Basmat is an entrance mat composed of aluminium profiles with a carpet, brushes or rubber insert. The combined action of the different materials acts as a dirt barrier preserving the cleanliness of the buildings’ flooring.

It is possible to choose from several Basmat models with various thicknesses.

In the mats with textile finishing the fluted aluminium scrapes and cleans the dirt transported by shoes and simultaneously the carpet dries and retains the dirt.

In the mats with rubber finish the action of the aluminium is complemented by the irregularities on the surface of the insert.

In the walk-off mats with brushes finishing, the shoes are cleaned by the action of the bristles.

Basmat solves the limitations of other kinds of matting that hardly meet the capability of removing, absorbing and retaining the dirt.

Thanks to the unique patented click assembly system the period between projection and installation is reduced to the minimum compared with similar products.

In contrast to other kinds of matting, walking over Basmat is very comfortable and silent. It has been designed to avoid problems with heels and it is suitable for wheeled traffic such as wheelchairs, babies’ prams and pushchairs. Basmat can be also installed on a ramp.

Maintenance and cleaning is very easy by just using a vacuum cleaner. In contrast to other doormats, it is not necessary to lift it up to clean it.

Basmat also offers the possibility of replacing the inserts by just removing them from the profiles and inserting new ones.


Basmat is the leading Spanish manufacturer of entrance matting systems. The headquarters, assembling plant and commercial management are located in Pamplona area, northern Spain.

Basmat is a company with the experience of more than 40 years in the flooring sector.

Basmat is focused on the development of a new concept of entrance matting systems. Basmat mats are assembled thanks to its unique patented click system, adding numerous advantages that other similar products lack.

Basmat has its own R&D department, where it constantly develops and improves its products. Basmat provides a quick and efficient supply, and a continuous adaptation to changing market demands.

Basmat products are marketed in many sectors: flooring, decoration, DIY, hardware stores, tile stores, hygiene, etc.

Basmat sells its products in the 5 continents. The great success of the Basmat concept worldwide is the best proof of the real innovation and exceptional performance of its products.

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Dirt, the source of problems

In places with heavy people traffic the dirt is the origin of many problems.

Research studies have discovered that 80% of dirt introduced into a building is transported on the shoes of people walking into it.

First impressions are vitally important in business. A clean, dry and safe floor creates a very good first impression. This is important on all kinds of floorings: carpet, laminated, parquet, vinyl, marble, granite or ceramic. Wet and dry particles are deposited on the surface and due to their colour they cause a high contrast producing and unsightly effect.

Flooring with no absorption capacity has an additional problem. Moisture is introduced into the building generating water deposits on the floor. This moisture is progressively extended to all the premises. This produces a very negative impression and could be the trigger of accidents due to slipping.

Particles swept in by shoes have a very abrasive capacity and cause severe wear and tear on floors. Using Basmat your floors will be cleaner, you will use less harsh abrasive chemical detergents, prolonging the life of your floor and reducing the consumption of aggressive and pollutant products.

Flooring manufacturers recommend the installations of mats in order to protect your floors. The cleaning costs of a building are enormous and this will be reduced if you can keep 80% of the dirt outside the building.

The installation of Basmat, the click entrance matting, is the perfect solution to all these problems.

Basmat also contributes to preserving the environment thanks to the decrease in consumption of water and cleaning products and by extending the life of the flooring.


The respect of the environment is a priority for Basmat. The industrial processes are designed to save energy and water. The suppliers’ policy also takes into account the respect to the nature.

Basmat mats are made with varied degrees of renewable and recycled materials. All the materials that compose Basmat mats are recyclable. Basmat wants to preserve clean air by avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases. Basmat is member of the US Green Building Council. Basmat entrance mats provide safer and cleaner floors and buildings. That is why you can get LEED points for your projects.


- IEQ Credit 5. LEED-NC v.3: For 1 point: permanently installed entrance system of at least 3 metres in length.

- MR Credit 4: For 1-2 points. Economic value of all materials = min. average 10% recycled content. Basmat aluminium contains a 20% of recycled material.

- MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2. 1-2 points if the materials have been manufactured in less than 800 km.


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