Hermes Brushes 17 mm

Aluminium entrance mat. 17 high. 33 mm wide. Brushes finish.

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Data sheet

Brushes finish colours: Black, grey, blue, red and green.
Mat height: 17 mm.
Price starting at: 329 €/ m² (more than 30 m²).
Profile width: 33 mm.
Profiles per linear metre: 30 u.
Weight: 16,49 kg/m².
Structure: 100% aluminium. 10 kg/m².
Finish: Brushes.
Isolation and consolidation: Polypropylene self-adhesive foam with gauze
Difficulty level: Low, 15 min/m².
Indicated for: Recessing into mat wells from 17 mm.
Maximum dimensions: Width 3 metres, unlimited length.
Description: Modular aluminium entrance mat, Basmat click system, supplied by Basmat Matting Systems S.L.

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